Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cruising Crafts Part 1 - Knitting

I hope you enjoyed looking at the holiday snaps in the last post!  Norway really was amazing!!!  If you’ve read my profile, you’ll know that I’m a cruise addict!  One of the reasons for my love of cruising is ALL the time it offers for relaxing – and CRAFTING!!!  Another reason, of course, is that I LOVE getting dressed up in my posh frocks!!!
This cruise, my crafty focus was on knitting.  Despite the fact that we were in Norway, we DID have a few days of beautiful weather.  And I discovered knitting in public – on deck!!!  I got a few strange looks from fellow passengers, but I didn’t let that put me off.  I saw one lady knitting during an evening show, but I didn’t dare try that!  I don’t think I’m up to knitting in the dark yet - there could have been a very nasty accident!!! 
Here I am, enjoying my knitting and the lovely sunshine:

By the end of the cruise, I had managed to finish 6 squares – yay!!!  I experimented with different kinds of stitches.  Some went better than others, as you can see:

After 6, I got bored with squares, and decided to move on to a different project.  I don’t think I have enough to make anything with yet – unless anyone can suggest anything??? 
So, I started working on a scarf.  I’m STILL working on the scarf (some weeks later), as you can see:

Maybe, at this rate, I’ll be able to give it to someone for Christmas (next year).....
In my next post, I’ll tell you about my other cruising craft.....  see you then!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Back to Blogging.....

My Dear Reader,

I’m VERY sorry that I haven’t posted for so long – I have been away from home for 6 weeks and, although I remembered to take my laptop and camera, I forgot to take the camera leads!!!  Can you forgive my stupidity?  Next time, I’ll let you know when I’m going away for a while!  AND I’ll TRY to remember everything I need to blog on-the-move!
Anyway, my 6 weeks away were FANTASTIC!!!!  We visited family and friends back in the UK, and went on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords.  If you haven’t been to Norway yet, I’d strongly recommend it!!!  I don’t want to bore you with too many holiday snaps, but I couldn’t resist sharing just a FEW with you.
I’ll be back soon, to tell you all about my holiday crafting (and crafty buying).....

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