Thursday, 29 September 2011

Crafty presents - and it's not even my birthday!

Last Saturday, a close friend of ours got married.  And another friend (who moved back to the UK some years ago) came to stay with us for the weekend, so that she could go to the wedding too.

Of course, the wedding was beautiful, and the bride looked stunning (I should really add loving weddings to the ‘about me’ page of the blog).  And it was great to catch up with friends who I hadn’t seen for some time.  AND there were LOADS of people there who I could talk crafting with!  What an added bonus!!!  The bride was the patient lady who taught me to knit, and I managed to chat my way around three other knitters and a fellow sewer!  I think I may have even found myself a possible crochet teacher – which is very exciting! 

So, all-in-all, I had a FANTASTIC day: my first German wedding; a beautiful bride; speeches that made me shed a few tears (which is a sure sign they were good); fun with friends old and new; plenty of craft-talk; plenty of food; plenty of wine; and plenty of dancing!

BUT, the excitement didn’t stop there!  As our lovely house guest was leaving on Sunday morning, she gave me a ‘goody bag’ as a thanks-for-having-me gift.  And what a goody bag it was!  Inside, there was a copy of the ‘Hobbycraft’ magazine (which I’d never read before, but liked very much), two cards of gorgeous, gorgeous buttons (some round red ones with white spots, and some green hearts), a string of sparkly pink beads, and a HUGE bar of chocolate.  

Imagine all of those crafty and yummy treats – and it wasn’t even my birthday!?!

Thank you soooooo much Melanie!!!  You can come and stay again any time!!!  ;-)

Auf wiedersehen,




  1. Your friends can come and stay with me, hehe!

  2. I might have to point my friends to this post so they know how thing should be done :)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    thanks for your comments on my blog the other day I tried to reply to you but you came up as a 'no-reply blogger' so i guess my reply is floating round cyberspace.

  3. Hi Nikki,
    If it might bring more traffic to my blog and more pressies your way, point ahead!!! ;-)
    I'm not sure why you had that problem with replying to my comment before. I'm hopeless with that kind of stuff. But I'll see if I can change something or other - any tips???


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