Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sewing Update

I was having a little look through my last few posts this morning, and realised that I haven’t done a ‘show and tell’ of what I’ve been up to on my sewing machine for AAAAAGES!!! 

I’ve shared crocheting, book reviews, paper crafts, bargain buys, photography, knitting, poetry, crafty gifts I’ve received, and even (shock of shocks)..... baking!  But, I haven’t shared any of my sewing with you since February.  And that’s very silly indeed, as I spend most of my time sewing and I  SEWING most out of all my crafting adventures!

So, here’s just a teeny-weeny taster of what I’ve been busying myself with over the past few weeks.....

[lots of colourful little rosettes]

[a spotty carry-all bag in my latest favourite colour combo]

[another carry-all bag.....]

[... and another!]

[some little gadget cases - for iphones, cameras, etc.]

[red and navy felt flower corsage]

[orange and purple felt flower corsage]

[purple and yellow felt flower corsage]

[some make-up/toiletry bags]

[kids' apron.....]

[...that's reversible]

[and another one....]

[... also reversible]

I’ll be putting some of these in to my Etsy and Misi stores, and I’ll be saving others for some fairs and markets I hope to be doing over the summer months (my first fairs/markets ever).

Happy weekend, lovely blogging friends!




  1. Wonderful creations, Carly!! I hope you have tons of selling at the fairs. xx

  2. Lots of lovely makes today, Carly! You have been very busy! I am sure the lovely things you make will sell well in your shops and at fairs.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  3. your things look lovely and very professional! I hope you do well at the fairs!

  4. Gorgeous makes Carly, I love sewing so much as well and share your love of polka dots and colour! They all look fabulous x

  5. WowCarly you have been a busy bee :o)
    Your work is perfect and i love the colours that you combine...just gorgeous.
    Ooooh the flower corsages are very sweet.
    good luck with your fairs
    have a super lovely weekend
    love jooles x

  6. Lovely work, Carly! Those aprons are so perfect! And very inspiring!

  7. All lovely makes, but I think the bags and aprons are my favourites. I'm sure you'll do really well at the fairs.

  8. Hello sweet Carly! What a delightful post dearest! I always enjoy everything you share. You are a very talented seamstress and have been a busy bee making beautiful creations. The rosettes are so cheerful and pretty. I love all of your gorgeous totes! I agree, yellow and gray are a lovely combination. Your gadget cases, corsages, make-up bags and aprons are all beautiful! I added your Etsy shop to my favorites. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I love how you said Miss Green Tea Teddy comes to life at night and has fun with my craft supplies. I was wondering how they get in such a mess! :) Have a beautiful weekend dear, sweet friend! Much love, Paula xoxo

  9. Wow Carly you have been so busy! I love all your makes, but the flower corsages are gorgeous xx

  10. Lovely sewn goodies Carly........I'm sure you'll do really well at your first craft fairs this summer. x

  11. Hi Carly. These sewing projects are all beautiful. You're very talented. keep up the good work!! :-) Dan x

  12. My you've been busy making lots of beautiful things!! You'll do great at the craft fairs! As always, I love your color and pattern choices!

  13. Lots of lovely makes have been so busy and everything is lovely....I love all the spots, checks and stripes!
    I am going to have a little visit to your ETSY shop now!
    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x

  14. Everything is so cute! I love the fabrics you use. My favorites are the rosettes, which I call yo-yos. I have been wanting to make some, so maybe I'll give it a try!

  15. It all looks gorgeous but I especially love the gingham and spots together. Good luck with the craft fairs. X

  16. Looks like the creative muses have been smiling on you, Carly! Great pieces! I love the yo-yo's especially!

  17. What joy....I adore your flowers! Hugs. xoxo

  18. Oh my goodness - so many lovely things, you have been busy. Loved the bags, make-up bags & aprons. XX

  19. Hi Carly,I love your sewing makes :) xxx

  20. Wow! You have been busy, what fabulous makes as usual :)
    I reeealy LOVE the rosettes...such gorgeous fabric!! (and the corsages too!) You are such a talented sewist... and soon to be talented crocheter too.. I cannot believe how neat your first granny square was!! Well done. Great colour combination too. Cannot wait to see more of your crochet endeavours.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my granny cushion (I've already started on another one! lol)

    Louise xx


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