Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Cards

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to my new best friends - my cute little letter stamps! You lot obviously know me well, as most of you guessed that I was making Christmas cards with them.

I've been having so much fun!  Dragging out my collection of pretty papers, finding my tiniest buttons, and seeking christmassy inspiration from staring lovingly at our beautiful Christmas tree and listening to my favourite carols.....  Can anyone think of a better way to spend a few wintery evenings?!?

Here are a few of my favourites cards, all packeted up and ready for their first showing (at the school Christmas Fair):

And here's a little peek at my stall at the fair:

What a brilliant success the Christmas Fair was!  The lovely (and VERY hard-working) ladies who organised the event did a truly amazing job.  It was such a fun and festive day - and I sold a fair few bits and pieces too (including an order for some cards)!

As I look out of the window right now, the snow's looking pretty deep, and it's not showing any signs of stopping yet.  So I'm feeling very christmassy at the moment!

I hope you're all getting on well with your Christmas preparations and are starting to get into the spirit of the season!

See you soon.....




  1. Hello lovely Carly x
    Your cards are gorgeous, you clever thing!
    What an exciting table full of festive treats, i love everything, you must have been super busy
    stay warm
    love jooles x

  2. Gorgeous cards Carly and i love the display on the table too.
    Have a great (snow white) weekend!

  3. Your cards are fab Carly. Love the look of your stall layout too. The stockings are really nice.

  4. aaahhh the cards are lovely, I love the christmas trees best, I'm glad the christmas fair went well, I'm suprised you didn't sell out completely.
    Enjoy the snow,
    Emma xxx

  5. Wow - your cards are amazing, really professional. Love the Christmas trees on your stall too. XX

  6. LOVE your cards!! Your stall looks amazing too!! Your Christmas trees are so cute!
    Have a great weekend,
    Kate :}

  7. Sweet Carly, I love your gorgeous cards! You did a beautiful job making them. Your stall looks fantastic! I love all of your handmades! Enjoy the snow and keep warm! Love and hugs, Paula xoxo

  8. The cards are so gorgeous. I love the little buttons as baubles! Your stall looks great, glad you did so well xxx

  9. Well done you ... your craft stall looks really great ... not surprised you sold a lot ... your makes are lovely ... the cards are very pretty ... simple and elegant ... Bee xx

  10. What lovely cards!! Such sweet details. I like those little Christmas trees on the table too. So elegant, all of your work!

  11. Gorgeous cards ... I especially like the button 'baubles' one :)

    I'd love some snow on the ground, all we seem to have in North Wales is mud!

  12. Fab cards. Glad you had some sales. Snow is mostly gone here. It became a snowman and a few snowballs and then it rained. . . Not looking forward to driving to the hospital tomorrow. :o)

  13. i'm so jealous you have snow!! The cards are lovely!

  14. I love the hanging baubles - they are all very festive (and beautiful) indeed.

    Nina x

  15. These cards are so pretty!
    I love letterwriting and sending cards but it's not as common here in Italy as it is in the UK or in America!
    Nice finding your blog!



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