Friday, 29 August 2014

Mini-cot Quilt

Hello there,

Thank you all SO much for your sweet comments on my last post.  You're all so kind!  

This time, I wanted to show you a quilt I made for Bo, before he was born (of course BEFORE he was born - I haven't yet found the time for ANY crafting SINCE).  

One of the first baby items we bought was a 'mini-cot'.  We wanted something for the baby to sleep in, in our bedroom, for the first few months.  But we weren't keen on any of the moses baskets or cribs we'd seen around.  They were all either really stylish but WAY too expensive, or a reasonable price but WAY too flouncy/pastely/twee for our tastes.  Then we saw this 'mini-cot' on Kiddicare.  It was exactly what we'd had in mind - and it was a sensible price!

So then I had to make a quilt to go inside it.  Of course, it's only been used for decorative purposes (advise is to definitely NOT use quilts for babies), but I had to make one just the same!  

And, here it is.....

And here are some photos of our bedroom (there's a whole post on it here) - I made Bo's quilt to match, of course.....

Next time, I think I might do a 'show-and-tell' of the quilt I made for Bo's BIG cot.....  because a baby can never have too many (purely decorative) quilts!!!  

Wishing you all a happy (and sunny) weekend.....




  1. What a perfect quilt for little Bo- it looks super.
    And I just love your little monkey and dolly in the cot, too!!
    So sweet.
    Happy weekend to you all,
    Sarah xxxx

  2. Hi Carly, never got around to saying a big congratulations on your last post as my three-month-old is taking up most of my time! Congrats on little Bo, he's gorgeous! I must say your doing better than me on the posting front, I've only managed one (but a little bit of crafting here and there) and in answer to your question in your post - no, a baby cannot have too many quilts :)

  3. Such a lovely quilt!!!! Your bedroom is beautiful and I like the idea to match the quilt of your baby with the soft furniture in your room!!!! Sweet!!!
    happy weekend, xxxxx Ale

  4. Love the quilt! Your colors and patterns, like always, are so perfectly placed! Can't wait to see the next quilt!
    Kate :}

  5. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful boy, he looks totally adorable.
    His quilt is lovely and it will be really useful when he starts to play on the floor and then when he's bigger I bet he'll be making dens with it too. According to my girls you can never have enough quilts and blankets for den making.
    Emma x

  6. Hey Carly, I'm playing catchup and it's been lovely reading your last few posts.
    This quilt is just gorgeous, love the colours and looks so sweet in the cot with the crocheted toys.
    What a surprise Bo's arrival must've been coming early and so quickly. He is a cutie and I can imagine how busy you are. First time mum is a huge learning curve. I hope all is going well. The little snap on bow ties are as cute as, love the polka dot tie.
    All is going well here, busy with our house building which started this week and Spring is on our doorstep, so lots to do in the garden.
    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire Xx

  7. Love the quilt - which I had the talent to make one. I used to have one my grandmother made but could not bring it over from South Africa as it was way to heavy. Not sure what happened to it when my family moved house.

  8. Dear Carly,

    Seriously, I'm thrilled to read your news! Bo is gorgeous and you must be so unbelievably proud of him and yourself.

    Enjoy these moments Carly. They fly past so quickly.

    It's good to be back here!


  9. What a lovely quilt for baby Bo!
    Your room looks so cozy. I love it!
    I wish you a great week, my de ar Carly!

  10. Fab!! Just fab and you are so right Carly.. Bo needs all the loveliest of decorative quilts he can carry... because he'll use them as he gets bigger for floor play and tea parties and putting Teddy to bed! Hazel x

  11. Gorgeous little quilt! Goes so well in your bedroom too. Many Congratulations on the birth of Bo! I must page back to see photos!
    Gill xx

  12. Dear Carly, thank you for commenting!
    How is little Bo doing?

  13. What a lovely quilt. And even better that it matches your own bedroom. I am loving the crochet monkey and doll too! Lucky Bo! Watch out though as those quilts, while being 'decorative' now will soon be well used and dragged everywhere. Or at least Iona's is. 3 years on it looks awful haha!!

  14. Dear Carly, I forgot to tell you I've been there, in Dusseldorf, in my way back to Amsterdam, coming from Mastricht! I love that town of yours!

  15. I love your sweet quilt for the mini cot, Carly! Your room looks lovely and stylish!
    Helen xox


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