Thursday, 23 June 2011

Crafty Book Review – Cath Kidston’s ‘Sew!’

Like all obsessive crafters, I’m building up quite a collection of crafty books and magazines.  Try as I might, I CANNOT walk away from Smiths or Hobbycraft (or ‘click’ away from Amazon) without buying a new one to add to my library! 

I thought it might be a nice idea to review some of my book purchases (and presents) on the blog.  If you have any crafty book recommendations, I would love to hear about them (it’s never too early to start your Christmas wish list, after all)! 

For my first review, I decided to tell you about my very first sewing book – Cath Kidston’s beautiful ‘Sew!’.  I received the book as a Christmas present, along with my sewing machine, a year and a half ago.  And it remains one of my favourites!

I LOVE the fact that the book comes with everything you need (fabric, buttons and an ‘official’ Cath Kidston label) to make the gorgeous bag on the front cover.  I spent most of Boxing Day cooped up in my parents’ spare room and, under the supervision of my ever-supportive mom, made my very first bag!  For a first attempt, I don’t think it was bad! 

The instructions were relatively straightforward to follow (even for a complete beginner), and the diagrams helped a lot! 

Also very useful were the frequent referrals back to the ‘Sew! Basics’ section at the beginning of the book.  These pages provide a great introduction for beginner sewers, and include information on equipment, terminology and basic techniques. 
The subsequent pages contain 41 projects – soooo many pretty things to make!  These include cushions, useful kitchen-y things (like aprons, oven gloves and a tablecloth), quilts, bits and pieces for wee ones, and bags and cases for every occasion!  The book’s beautiful photos, colourful and clear design, and step-by-step instructions and diagrams make the creative process painless and fun.  And I really like the fact that each project is given a ‘skill level’ rating – making it easy to pick out a suitable project!  
I think my next 'Sew!' project will be the tablecloth design.  I love the colours and the cute little birdies (and their little button eyes)!!! 

I'd make most of the things in this book for myself (or my home).  But I think it’s particularly brilliant as a source of inspiration for creating special handmade gifts for friends and family!             
If this review has tempted you to get your own copy of ‘Sew!’, Amazon is selling it for £7.49..... enjoy!!!


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog - and your lovely comments. (I couldn't email you back to thank you as your email address isn't visible i.e. you're a 'no-reply' blogger).

    I have this book too and have made a few things already (although not the freebie bag yet!?) - the child's bean bag, the hot water bottle cover and the knitting needle case which I scaled down to make up bag size. All of which you'll find over on my blog :)

  2. Hi Rachael!
    You're welcome - your blog is great! I'm going to list it as one of my favourites! :-)
    Do you know how I can change that 'no-reply' thing??? I didn't mean to be that! Some bloggy things are VERY confusing (I'm a newbie)! If you have any tips that you think could improve my blog, I'd love to hear them!
    It's a great book, isn't it?!? I need to have a go at a few more projects from it!
    Have a super weekend!

  3. thanks so much for reviewing books please do continue to do so as it is soooo helpful as a beginner sewer!! It's great to get some insider knowledge on whats worth buying. xo

  4. Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for posting a comment! :-)
    I have FAR TOO MANY crafty books, so plenty more to review!!! I'll try to post another book review soon.....

  5. Hi Carly, I really love this book. I saw it when a bookstore had a huge sale. I wanted to buy but my money wasn't enough. I am a beginner in sewing and I just received a sewing machine as a bday gift. So now I guess it would be better if I add this book for my wishlist this christmas. Thanks for the review.


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