Saturday, 11 February 2012

New Stock

As promised in my last post, I'm going to show you the bags I’ve been working on for my online stores.

I’ve had a Misi shop for a few months now.  I’ve had a couple of sales (and plenty of views), but have received feedback from customers saying that the site didn’t make it easy for them to make their purchases.  They’d had problems with the site working really slowly, and with making payments for items (the site kept freezing).  

So, last month, I opened an Etsy store too.  I thought I could then test BOTH sites out and see which suits me best.  

I liked the relatively small size of Misi (it makes it easier for people to find my things, and seems more personal).  BUT, of course, I was not happy about the problems I heard about from customers (I worry that it looks bad on me, too).  On the other hand, Etsy is soooooo huge!  I haven’t sold anything on there yet, and each item has only been viewed a couple of times.  However, it seems to be organised and run much more efficiently than Misi.  

What to do???  If you have any experience (good or bad) of either of these sites, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter!  Also, I’d love to hear any tips you may have on making Etsy items more ‘visible’!

Well, here are some photos of my most recently added stock (to Misi AND Etsy):

As I said, I’d be VERY grateful for ANY advice on which online crafty market places you think may work best for me, and/or on how I could improve or market my online stores!

I hope you’re making the most of your Saturday – I’ll be off to my first ‘Stitch & Bitch’ session soon..... 




  1. Hi Carly, the bags are gorgeous, my favourite is the green and white spotty one. I've never heard of Misi before and haven't had experience with any online shops yet. Hope you enjoy your stitch and bitch xxx

  2. Your sweet bags are so adorable! I really could not pick a favourite...I adore them all...happy weekend to you.

  3. Dear Carly,

    ALL your bags are amazingly pretty. Each time I saw one I thought 'ah, that one is my favourite' until I moved onto the following one. I have a slight preference for your green spotty one.

    I am so sorry but I do not have any experience with Etsy and Misi. I'll be curious to know what advice other readers come up with.


    Let me know how your first Stitch and Bitch goes, please?

  4. Nice bags:)

    Find good source of Marimekko fabrics for your projects!

  5. Hi thankyou for your comments over on my page,your bags are really gorgeous ,i sell my things on etsy too ,ive maybe be on there about 8months i think im not sure and had about 26 sales ,its slower than i would like but pleased up to now ,i also sell on ebay and have my own website through 1and1 which i pay monthly for of about £10 ,im really just starting out too properly so still learning ,not sure about anywhere else though ,sorry i cant be more helpx

  6. Your bags all look so pretty... Your sitching so neat too! I always love the polks dot fabrics in gorgeous bright colours that you use. Fab xxx

  7. Loving all your spotty bags Carly and the added corsages are the perfect finishing touch..............I did once dip my toe in the 'folksy' pool, but me being the lazy so-and-so that I am failed to keep the shop stocked up........good luck with selling your lovely wares, whichever site you choose. x

  8. Indeed! very sweet bags!
    I know what you mean about Etsy, it's so big that you get lost amongst all the listings. It is difficult to get seen.
    I think taking good photos with good lighting is really important to get noticed, and it leads to being featured in treasuries, and the front page when you're lucky. Photo editing (in Photoshop if you can) really helps too. It can be time consuming for sure!
    And generally spreading the word over the tinternet.
    I have never used Misi so can't comment.
    Annabelle x
    PS: Thank you so much for your lovely comments over on my blog, really appreciate them!

  9. All of them look clever thing. I hope you had fun at the stitch & bitch.

    Lou xxx


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