Saturday, 18 February 2012

Valentine’s Day Presents Part 1

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s day, and were able to spend it with the one you love the best!  I just wanted to show you the picture I made for my Valentine (from some pretty papers I found in my pretty-papers-drawer and an old picture frame I sound in the cellar).

Please excuse the reflections in the photo.  Me and my camera were not best buddies this morning!

What do you think?  HE says he likes it!  :-)

We’re going to put it up in our ‘playroom’ – where I do my crafting and he does his ‘thing’ (I’m trying to be mysterious here, to get you all intrigued.....).  Have a look at his website to see what he does in HIS spare time.....

Part 2 coming soon.....




  1. Really sweet tweet tweet ;)

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Leah x

  2. The valentine picture is fabulous Carly...............I'm very intrigiued, off to take a peek. x

  3. I couldn't leave a comment until I'd been to your Mister's website! I would never have guessed- I thought he was going to be a web designer or something equally dull, but not so! What fun!
    Fabulous picture, too.

  4. love that picture and how fab is it having a Magician in the family!
    You may like to enter my giveaway! :)x

  5. Who would've guessed?.......
    Does your hubby try out his tricks on you first Carly?

    Your birdie pic is soooo nice having a pretty-papers-drawer.

    Claire :}

  6. I love that birdie picture, you are sooooo talented!

    Very intrigued, I'm off to have a look

    Helen xx

  7. That is so sweet and adorable!! It makes me so happy to see handmade valentine gifts! And you're married to a magician?! How fun!!

  8. beautiful birdy picture Carly x
    oooooh a cool!
    love jooles x

  9. a magician? ( spoiled the surprise for me!)
    how wonderful. I keep telling Cleggy he should learn some tricks (in his spare time!) before he gets too old. I love when a Grandad can do a trick!
    Anyway, enough of him....I LO♥E your picture Carly! Good work
    fee x
    happy new week

  10. Beautiful, sweet pic. I really like the colours.
    With your man being a magician, you might really like the book, The Night Circus, as there is lots of intriguing magic.
    From his pics, he actually reminds me a bit of my other half Roman, who also has long hair and is often bearded. Really nice website too. Sadly, Roman is not a magician and is hobby is table tennis, which is very kitsch to me! xxx


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