Thursday, 31 May 2012

Come back, summer!!!

I took this photo from our bedroom window, about 3 weeks ago, on a VERY stormy evening. 

Since that night, we’ve had glorious, summery weather.  It’s been hot, the skies have been blue, and there’s been a nice, gentle breeze.  We’ve spent a few lovely evenings and long-weekends (thank you, Germany, for all your bank holiday days) sitting out on our terrace, gardening, eating alfresco, digging out our summery clothes.....

Well, that was until today!  It rained, and the temperature has dropped by about 10 degrees.  Yuk!!!

So, in attempt to make the sun come back out to play, I thought I’d show you some sunglasses cases I’ve been making. 

These are all for an ‘Open House’ event I’m planning, with some other crafty ladies, for the beginning of July.  More on that to follow in another post.....

Before I say "cheerio", I just wanted to say THANK YOU for leaving such lovely comments on my last post.  You made me smile, made my day, and boosted my crocheting-confidence all in one go!!!  

Until next time.....




  1. Hello sweet Carly, What a beautiful capture! I do hope the warm, sunny weather will return soon. The sunglass cases you made are so pretty and cheerful! I look forward to hearing more about your open~house event. That sounds like fun! Have a lovely weekend! xo~Paula

  2. Hey Carly, you have been busy....those sunglass cases are great, love the polka dots and the first stripey one.
    Great fabrics, I'm sure they'll be popular. Your open house event sounds very interesting. Look forward to reading about it.

    Glad you have been able to enjoy some lovely, warm weather I hope it returns soon. It's the first day of WInter here, not too chilly, it's going to be 17 deg. but temps are bound to drop soon.

    Have a great weekend,

    CLaire :}

  3. Cute cases!! Hope your weather gets better, and can't wait to hear more about your open house! Have a wonderful weekend!! Kate :}

  4. Such darling cases....oh boy our weather has been the pits lately too. Hope the sun shines for you today. xoxo

  5. Well done with the crochet!
    Those cases are so cute! It's raining here & not looking good for tomorrow. :0(
    Have a lovely weekend Carly xxx

  6. You have been busy... what a feast of colourful, fabric & yarn goodness in your last few posts!!! *swoon*
    Firstly, I LOVE your crochet grannies... well done! I adore the colour combo's you have chosen!... I'm also in love with your patchwork cushions!! Great fabrics :D

    Hope the weather perks up a bit for you, it's dreary here too but your colourful makes have cheered me up no end!

    Louise xx

  7. Dear Carly,

    You do this to me every time; you lure me with your eye for colour and as I scroll down I think to myself 'ooh, I like THAT one, no THAT one, and and THAT one too'! I love them all Carly.


    ps Hurrah for public holidays here in France too and our temperatures have dropped dramatically once again too.

  8. Oh good luck for your next crafty stall- who couldn't resist these gorgeous sunglasses cases?!!
    And yes, it's been miserable and cold here in the UK too. (we've actually had the heating on this evening- brrrrrrrrrr!)
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. If i lived closer i'd be popping in to your open house, but alas, I will wait for the post about it! Hope you're having a nice week :) Shelly X

  10. Hello Carly,

    Oh nice!!! Another original 'em. Again great combination of colours and fabric.

    Amanda :-)


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