Monday, 14 May 2012

Little Purses

Thank you for all your comments about our Night of the Museums adventure!  Have you all booked up your flights to Düsseldorf for next year’s event???  I heard from a friend this week that some of the zoos around here do similar night-time events.  I’m sold!!!  I’ll be looking them up as soon as I’ve finished writing this post....

On to crafting.....  Last week, I was mostly making little purses.  I love making them!  They’re pretty quick, pretty easy, and just plain old pretty!

Here are a few of my favourites:

I just can’t seem to shake off my obsession with spotty fabrics!!!  Have you noticed???

Are you more diverse in the prints you use?  Or, like me, do you have a particular favourite?  Do you like spots too, or stripes, checks, florals, plains.....?

I’m looking forward to HEAPS of crafting this week.  We have Thursday and Friday off school – yippeeeeeee!!!!!

Hope you have a good (and crafty) week.....




  1. My favourite colour is green, and I have a thing for Polka dots!!! So i love the first picture :)

    I do tend to wear a lot of polka dots, but with crafting I tend to go in phases, so spend a few weeks using polka dots, then a few weeks using stripes! Then try and use up the left overs!!

    Happy Thursday and Friday :) X

  2. The blue spotty one is divine! I really love the labels with them - little touches like that make all the difference x

  3. Oh my!!! ADORBABLE! I love them all; you are so good at pairing patterns and colors.. and picking the tags to go with them.. and the buttons! I think it's the simple shape that really makes it too!

    Enjoy your crafty days this week!!

  4. Oh I know how you feel - I love pretty much most fabrics that are spotty. Lovely purses,

    Nina xxx

  5. Spots and stripes are refreshing and pretty,love the blue one.Have a good week love Jill xx

  6. Hello your little purses...I love all kinds of fabrics too...but especially the vintage pictorial ones at the moment when I can find them...
    You do live in a very interesting place...night time events at the zoos too...Oh my!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Susan x

  7. These are so delightful...I love your fabric choices. Happy new week.

  8. Oh Carly those little purses are just so cute...and i'm with you on polka dots, just can't get enough of them! even my coat is red with white polka dots :o)
    have fun
    love jooles x

  9. Those little purses are so gorgeous- you are so clever. I love your cute tags, too!
    I seem to have a thing about rainbow stripes. I am drawn to those bright colours wherever I go!
    Have a very happy 2 days crafting on your days off, my lovely!

  10. Hello sweet Carly, Your little purses are so pretty! You sew beautifully! I love spotty fabric too and florals! The tags you made are lovely as well. I am glad you will have lots of crafting time this week sweetie! I look forward to seeing what you make! Have a fun and good week! Love, Paula xo

  11. Hello from sunny Spain,

    I am your very newest follower

    Those purses are gorgeous....I love all the different colours and fabrics. I am going to enjoy looking at all your makes and reading your posts, I already do!.

    Amanda :-)

  12. LOVE the purses!! I wish I could sew that neatly!!!
    I definitely have a thing for polka dot and spotty fabric but my all-time fave is probably floral... But then they all go so well together don't they?... That's maybe why I adore patchwork so much!!!
    Happy crafting Carly

  13. Love those purses, I too can't get enough of spotty fabric, well any fabric actually, but especially spotty!


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