Monday, 25 June 2012

Giveaway Winner

This post's just going to be a quickie, to announce the winner of my little blogging birthday giveaway.

I like to do things the old-fashioned way!  So, no random number generator here.   I wrote all your names on little slips of paper (I was amazed by how many entries there were), folded them up nice and small, put them all in a cute little tin, mixed them up a bit.....

Stuck my hand in.....

And picked out a winner.....

The winner is Kazzy from the wonderful Country Rabbit blog.  If you’ve never stopped by her corner of the blogosphere, by the way, I suggest you pay a little visit.  I think you’ll like it there!!!    

Kazzy, congratulations to you!!!  Please could you email me your mailing address (, so that I can get your prizes sent off to you.  Here's a sneaky little reminder of what what you'll be getting....

Hope you’re all having a good start to the week!  Is the weather looking up where you are???




  1. Congratulations to Kazzy! Yes, her blog is gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations Kazzy - off to discover a new blog.... love your tin soooo cute x

  3. Lucky Kazzy, she'll be thrilled with her goodies! The weather has been dry today at least. Have a sweet weekend. Love Katie xxxx

  4. Lucky Kazzy!! I am sure she will be over the moon! :)

  5. Congratulations Kazzy....lucky,lucky,lucky

    Amanda :-)

  6. Congrats Kazzy - what a fabulous win!

  7. Hi, Carly!
    Congrats to Kazzy! I think she will be trilled about her cutest prize! Lucky girl!
    Love your old-fashioned style of picking the winner(I use the same :o)
    Have a lovely week sweet friend
    P.S. How is Mr.Mortimer? :o) Oooh, I love him ;O)
    lot of love

  8. congratulations to Kazzy! what a lucky lady :o)
    i love your little bucket Carly!
    love jooles x

  9. I've just come over from Kazzy's!
    (lucky her)
    cute tin....fee x

  10. wowza!!!!! Thank youuuuuuuuu sooooo much!!!! how lucky am i?!!! your makes are sooooo beautiful and will be treasured! xxxx i will email you now xx

  11. happy dance for the country rabbit...what an adorable name for a blog! xoxo


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