Saturday, 16 June 2012

Half-Term and Jubilee Celebrations

For our half-term break, we went to a Center Parcs in the Netherlands with my parents.  It wasn’t the same park I wrote about in this post.  That was De Eeemhof.  This time, we went to De Kempervennen. 

We did a lot in just a few days, but I was awful at remembering to take my camera out with us!!!  In some cases (like our visit to the pool), this was probably a good thing!  So, I’ll show you what I can of our fun little trip.....

It was the JUBILEE while we were away.  Good old Mom had scoured the shelves of Asda and Wilko’s to source us plenty of flags and bunting and other Union Jack bits and bobs.  In fact, one of the two suitcases they brought over with them was half-full of all her patriotic purchases!!!  We decorated our chalet with it – inside and out.  We even decorated our bikes! 

It was nice to see that lots of other Brits staying there had done the same!   Maybe it was because they knew that Her Majesty and Prince Philip were ACTUALLY going to BE there!!!

My two favourite bits of the holiday were hiring out a pedalo.....

..... and visiting the little farm.  There was a cute little Bambi there:

Here’s Simon getting bored of waiting for me to have enough of the cute little Bambi and his friends:

But, I was glad I stuck around, because the Bambi let me stroke him:

Although these photos make it look like the weather was okay, it rained cats and dogs for most of the time.  So, we spent a fair few hours in the jungley ‘dome’, drinking the most delicious hot chocolate EVER.....

..... animal-spotting.....

..... and watching Prince Philip on the 50 cent merry-go-round:

The weather was so awful one night that we lit a fire in the chalet:

Despite all the rain, we had a super time and lots of laughs.  Mom and Dad, thank you for a brilliant week!!!  And, Dad, HAPPY FATHERS DAY for tomorrow!!! XXX

I’ll be back soon, to tell you about my holiday crafting.....





  1. Oh doesn't Prince Philip look cute on the merry go round? hehe......

    Sounds like you had a great time away despite the weather Carly. How cute is that deer, it's just gorgeous.
    I love the fact that you're mum bought some Jubilee decorations over to hang up, so you could join in the celebrations......
    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  2. woweeee to get that close to bambi ;0) amazing...looks a beautiful country x

  3. stroking a bambi you say? worth hanging round for...fee x

  4. Carly, your post is so beautiful...UJ buntings and bikes with flags look bright and festive (love UJ)...delightful Bambi (if I`ll have a foto like yours №13 I`ll make a poster with it :o) Hot chocolate looks yummy as well :o)with it I would make another poster for the kitchen. All pictures are perfect! Love them! Thanks for sharing with us all that beauty and for interesting tour to the De Kempervennen. Beautiful nature! Looks like your had a sweet time with your Family :o)
    Have a nice rest of the weekend, sweet Carly
    lot of love

  5. Prince Philip on the merry-go-round has made me laugh! What a fab time you had - great pics!!

    Have a fab week hon,

  6. Great post and very funny pictures!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful time! I love how your mom brought patriotic decorations; they looked great! And your pictures for this post are just fabulous!!!! I can't believe you got to pet that deer.... so cute!

    Hope you're having a great weekend, and can't wait to hear about what crafting you've been up to!
    Kate :}

  8. Ooh, such a wonderful, happy post Carly...It has definitely made me smile this morning and how lovely is Bambi!
    Hope you are having a happy weekend,
    Susan x

  9. Hot chocolate ... My favourite :p looks like you had a great family holiday X

  10. That looks so lovely I think it's really funny finding half a suitcase full of patriotic purchases...good old mums.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    Nina xxx

  11. It looks to me like a wonderful day (even if among showers ^_^) carly!!! You are so so so cute and funny with the masks :))) well done to your mum for bringing them to you together with the bunting :P
    and the baby deer ooohhhh myyyy gooood, I want to cuddle him as well!!! I am so jelous!!! lucky you ;)

    a big hug


  12. Love all your jubilee pretties, clever mum, thinking to bring it all with her............the bambi is so sweet. x

  13. Gosh Prince Philip does get around!
    looks like a wonderful time...and ooooh bambi is so cute
    love jooles x


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