Friday, 14 September 2012

River Otter Walk

I know my recent posts have been a little photo-heavy (and lacking in craftiness), but I just HAD to share these with you.....

While we were back in the UK, we stayed with Simon’s parents for a few days.  They live in Devon, in Exmouth.  My grandparents had a static caravan in Exmouth for years and years, and we used to spend every school holiday down there (in fact, it’s where I met Simon  - he happened to be lifeguarding at the site’s pool when I was 16.....). 

When I was a little girl, my favourite place to visit near ‘the caravan’ was the River Otter.  I LOVED paddling in the shallow bits, making dams with pebbles from the riverbed, collecting ‘nature’ to take back to the caravan, and stopping off at Otterton Mill for a slice of homemade shortbread.

The Otter is STILL my favourite place to visit when we’re in that part of the world!  It’s so beautiful and peaceful.  I don’t tend to build dams or collect nature nowadays (though both are tempting), but I DO still like to have a little paddle and visit the Mill.  These days, I have to have a cream tea whenever we stop off there.  They make THE most delicious scones in the whole wide world!!!

On this particular visit, I saw my very first River Otter otter!!!  I was SO excited!!!  I tried to get a photo of him, but he was too quick for me. 

Here are my snaps.....

[Where the river meets the sea - Budleigh Salterton]

[Pretty little snails]

[Beautiful clouds]

[Friendly butterfly]

[Blue, blue sky peeping out from between the clouds]

[Wild flowers]

[A perfect paddling patch]

If you’re ever in Devon, you should definitely go and spend a day paddling in the Otter!




  1. Oh I love Devon. Your pictures are just lovely. I dream of live around there when we retire. Such a dreamy place. :) xx

  2. Hi Carly. I met up with a lovely last on ig who helped to teach me the basics of crochet. I've been practising rows and granny squares. They are abit wobbly at the moment. But I've tried blocking (look it up) which makes them neater. I really like it has step by step guides and complete beginner projects. I'm going to try a few of them xxxx

  3. Lovely photos! I had no idea that you met S. like that! Wow! I just assumed maybe you'd met at uni. That's amazing! I'm a sucker for a love story so if you wanted to share how you managed to keep in touch from meeting on holiday and how your relationship progressed, I would love to hear about it! :-) xx

  4. Wow! Your pictures are gorgeous!! (Photography degree anyone?) Makes me want to go there!

  5. oooh lovely pictures Carly - my boys would indeed be right in that perfect paddling patch. Imagine marrying the lifeguard!!! happy days
    fee x

  6. With pictures like these, I definitely don't mind the photo-heavy posts! What a beautiful place!

  7. Just catching up here :)

    I never cease to be amazed by how small the world is! I grew up in Somerset, spent holidays in Devon, and know that walk along the Otter to the sea so well. And the cream teas, to die for! We go back whenever we can :D

  8. I have had the most fantastic time catching up on all your recent posts. You have been so busy making gorgeous things, holidaying in fabulous destinations and making me green with envy! Your holiday pics are stunning - what a wonderful trip you had.

    See you again soon hon.

  9. What a pretty place to walk! The wild flowers are amazing. thank you for sharing and hope your weekend is going well.

  10. Beautiful pics Carly!...I do love Devon (and even the snails look so pretty here!)..I need to go back very soon...
    Struggling around on our old computer here Carly....fingers crossed all will be well very soon!
    Wishing you a happy Sunday,
    Susan x

  11. gorgeous pics Carly, shame the otter wouldn't pose for you - but how exciting to get to see one in the wild

  12. I think I've heard of this place - when we've travelled that way - but I can't recall ever visiting though by the sounds of it another great place to add to the list if we do ever get down that way again.

    Nina x

  13. That is just such a lovely part of the world, isn't it?
    We had a great holiday down in Ottery St Mary a good few years ago now, and it was utterly brilliant and beautiful!
    We must go back there one day ....!

  14. Beautiful pictures of a lovely place, Carly! We had many family holiday in Devon and I love it there too!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen x


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