Saturday, 16 March 2013

A Pretty AND Practical Prize

I was VERY excited indeed to learn, a few weeks ago, that I'd won a giveaway that the lovely Susie was hosting over at her Flower Press blog.  

And the prize???  A planner (from Personal Planners) that I could COMPLETELY personalise myself!!!  Choosing from all the options made me feel like a kid in a candy shop!  I got to pick the size of the planner, design the front cover, plan the lay-out of the pages, add extra features to each page (like to-do lists, spaces for notes, 'idea of the week' boxes.....), select what sections I wanted to add to the back of the planner (like address pages, birthday lists, plain paper, lined paper, squared paper.....), pick out colours for the text and the elastic closure - and even the little ruler that clips inside.....  It really did feel as though the possibilities were ENDLESS!

As you can imagine, I spent HOURS playing around with my design!

I was SO excited when it finally arrived, all the way from Australia!  I DO love the postman when he brings me goodies (instead of leaflets telling me what kind of meat's on offer at the local supermarket)!!! 

Would you like a little look?

I chose a photo of one of my makes for the front cover:

I picked it because I love the shade of bright blue, with the grey.  I picked out a grey elastic closure to match, and a grey back cover:

I chose grey for most of the text and features inside the planner too - and for the cute little ruler/bookmark (can anyone guess what colour I'm into at the minute???), with little bits of red:

My new planner can even talk:

I'm VERY happy with it!  Thank you SO much, dear Susie!!!

Now I'm off to check today's to-do list.....

Happy Saturday to you all!!!





  1. Now that looks like the sort of thing that I too would love.
    It's great to be organised.
    Love the colours and layout you have chosen too!
    Happy weekend to you
    Sarah xx

  2. What a great gift ... I love it ... I think I would spend hours designing it too ... Bee xx

  3. Oh my this is lovely....perfect in everyway...I am always using a planner and would love to have one of these. xo

  4. Hello sweet Carly! I am so happy for you! I love the planner you designed and the photo you chose of your gorgeous make! The colors are so pretty and the planner looks perfect! What fun you will have using it! I love things like that to help keep me organized! Enjoy making your lists! I am always happy when I can check things off of mine! Happy Sunday and happy week wishes sweetie! Love to you, Paula xo

  5. what a fantastic prize - I love the idea that you can customise it yourself. such a pretty cover page too!

    Nikki x

  6. Yay for winning!! Great photo choice too - I love that flower you made. :)

  7. What a brilliant prize! We shall all expect you to be very organised now ;)

  8. Congratulations for the awards and the blog... So lovely!♥
    Kiss :)

  9. Congratulations on winning this beautiful giveaway! What fun to create it from scratch like that using your own pictures. Turned out lovely in every way. Thanks for linking to the Flower Press blog. I enjoyed perusing it. Very pretty!

  10. Ooooo what a fun prize!! It turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing the link!
    Kate :}

  11. How did I miss this :-)
    I love your design, so personal.
    I'm missing mine this year!


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