Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Engagement Card

When I was at school, I had a friend called Kate.  She was my best mate all through secondary school, and we got up to plenty of mischief (and giggles) together.  A few years after we moved to Germany, Kate moved to Australia.  And we hadn’t seen each other since then.  BUT (along with her Aussie boyfriend), she paid a visit to her parents in the UK a few weeks ago, and decided to combine this with a little tour of Europe – including Düsseldorf.  Yippeeeee!!!

We had SUCH a fun weekend together!  It felt like we were 16 again – and, as it happens, we’re both still just as silly high spirited as we were back then.  Unfortunately, we were so excited about our get-together that we completely forgot to take any photos of our adventures (otherwise I would have shared some with you).

Just before they came to stay with us, Kate’s boyfriend proposed to her (all romantic and proper – in Paris).  A great opportunity for a bit more card-making!  This time, I got the buttons out.  And here’s what I did with them.....

I was really pleased with how it turned out, and I think I see more card-making in my crafty crystal ball!

If you’re after ideas for handmade cards, by the way, Pinterest has heaps!!!  Is it just me, or does anyone else believe that Pinterest was invented solely to sneakily steal away hours upon hours of our time without us realising it?!?  Once I get started on there, Simon has to prise the laptop out of my hands by force when my eyes start to turn square!

Off to Pinterest now, then.....




  1. Lovely idea Carly, I have a pretty huge button stash that this would be perfect for! I bet your friends loved it. x

  2. This is a really gorgeous card. Love those buttons!
    M x

  3. I am so in love with pinterest! Will hunt you out x

  4. What a cute card!
    I find that true friendship can't be ruined by years apart, you're blessed you were able to see your friend!
    I've been addicted to Pinterest almost 2 years now! Brilliant site!
    Tammy x

  5. Such a great idea, we have an old tin full of buttons. I feel a bit of button craft coming on! xo

  6. Proposing in Paris, how romantic.
    Lovely that you could catch up with your school friend Carly.
    Your card looks great, I'm sure Katie and Lance will love it.
    Nice to have something personal and not mass produced.
    Pinterest.......I dip in and out of it rarely as I know the pull it
    has and how easily I could become addicted, hehe......

    Claire X

  7. Lovely engagement card. Yeah, I know, Pinterest is a wonderful time stealer.

  8. It's a fabulous card Carly, I'm sure they'll cherish it :)

  9. This is super cute Carly, I love your cards!! And it's so great you were able to get together with your friend!
    Kate :}


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