Monday, 16 June 2014

Baby Boy Bloomers and Bow-ties

I'm FREEEEEEE!!!!!  

On my last trip to the doctor's, I was told that I no longer need to be on bed-rest. So I've been making the very most of my new-found freedom!  We've been catching up with friends, going for 'date nights', doing lots of 'nesting'-type jobs around the house.....  And, of course, I've been getting my craft on!

At last!  The opportunity to do more baby-crafting!  And I've gone a bit silly.  I just can't stop!!!  So now, the problem is.....  I don't know which project to show you first?!?

I think I'll start with the cutest AND funniest.....

I decided to make a little outfit - some boyish 'bloomers', and a bow-tie to match.  Here's the finished outfit:

Then I had an idea - if I attached the bow-tie to the little body-suit with snap-fasteners, I could make a whole RANGE of interchangeable bow-ties (and you know how it is - newborns can never have too many bow-ties)!!! 

So I did this:

And then I IMMEDIATELY made another little outfit:

And, after that, I made MORE bow-ties!  But I'll save those for another post.....  

In 'OTHER EXCITING NEWS' (well, actually THE most exciting news).....  we visited the hospital on Friday, and I'm booked in to have a c-section on Monday 30th June.  So, only two weeks to go now!!!!!

Until next time.....




  1. So exciting for you and the outfits are very cute

  2. The little clothes and bows are soooo cute!
    I am SO excited and happy for you .... sending a BIG BIG hug xoxo Let the countdown begin!
    love Jooles x x x x

  3. OMG, just love those outfits. I have been thinking of experimenting with little smock dresses and bloomers ( a pattern from the GBSB Book) but this is a brilliant alternative for a little boy. Hope you don't mind if I borrow it if my little grandee turns out to be a boy.
    Glad you're off the bed rest and not long to go now, x

  4. Hooray, I'm so happy for you.
    I love the bloomers and bow ties, just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.
    Wow two weeks to go, eek, exciting and scary all at the same time.
    Take care,
    Emma x

  5. So exciting!!! And those little outfits are so adorable!! Keep enjoying your freedom!!
    Kate :}

  6. So, so cute ... enjoy your new found freedom ... Bee xx


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