Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bo's Monthly Photos (1 to 3)

Hi All,

Thank you for your sweet comments on my last few baby-sewing posts!  Unfortunately, I haven't yet got a snap of my big and little boys in their matching bow-ties, but I'm working on it.....  ;-)

I'd LOVE to share some photos of Bo with you today, though! 

Inspired by Pinterest (as ever), I decided that I wanted to take a special photo of Bo, every month, to record how he grows and changes.  I saw some examples where people had used chalkboard walls as backdrops, and written about their babies' monthly milestones on them.  I thought that was a brilliant idea!

Simon had been talking about painting a blackboard wall for a while.  He wanted it for writing food-ideas and notes on.  With a bit of nagging from me, he got around to it just in time for Bo's 1-month birthday! 

I tried writing on the wall with chalk.  In 'real life', it looked good and really clear.  But, on the photos, it didn't look so great.  So I cheated and did the writing during the photo-editing stage! 

So, here are Bo's monthly photos numbers 1 to 3:

I know I'm TOTALLY biased.....  But isn't he scrumptious?!? 

Time has just FLOWN by!!!  It seems like no time at all since we were bringing a tiny little newborn home - and yet he'll be 16 WEEKS on Sunday (photo shoot time again)!!!

See you around the blogosphere.....





  1. He is really scrumptious. Enjoy your little boy - as you say time really flies.

  2. Oh Carly he certainly is scrumptious very VERY scrumptious indeed!
    love jooles x x x

  3. Aw he is indeed a scrumptious little man! How they change in no time at all...what a fab idea x

  4. What a cutie little boy! Congrats again!
    Loved the idea. I'm sorry I haven't done this myself ;)

  5. this is brilliant Carly!!!!!
    Impressive how much Bo is growing !!!!! I love all the details written on the board!!!!!
    xxxxxxx ale

  6. Bo is adorable and that's such a cute idea!! It's going to be fun watching him grow!
    Kate :}

  7. Bo is beautiful indeed Carly and such a lovely way to record all those special milestones!
    Susan x

  8. He is so cute, lovely photos too, will be lovely to look back on when he is older.

    All things nice...

  9. Bo is a very beautiful baby, Carly! Your chalkboard is such a cute idea and a really special way to record those milestones to look back on.
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  10. Oh he is just beautiful. He sounds like a darling too... what a beautiful way to remember the little steps and bits of personality.
    And 16 weeks?? No way!? Time really does fly when you are having fun doesn't it?

  11. What a sweetie! Four month pic in that gorgeous bow tie maybe?

  12. Little Bo! so gorgeous!!! beautiful idea and love each monthly progress description!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  13. He is beautiful! Love your pics and keeping a photo diary - what a great idea!


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