Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Visit from Sankt Nikolaus

When we woke up last Saturday, we'd had a visit from SANKT NIKOLAUS!  Now we have Bo (who was born here in Germany), we decided that this was a tradition we'd like to start in our household.  

When they go to bed on the night of the 5th December, German children leave their boots by the door.  In the night, Sankt Nikolaus stops by and stuffs little gifts and sweets into the shoes.       

Though, all along, we were keen to start following the St. Nik tradition with Bo, we didn't want it to detract from our family's Christmas stocking tradition.  When I was younger, I LOVED opening my stocking pressies on Christmas morning!  I'd drag my stocking into my parents' room (before even going downstairs to spy on my 'big' presents under the tree), wake them up, climb into their bed, and start unwrapping.  The presents in my stocking were always just little 'bits and bobs' (things like colouring books, pencils, bubble bath, hair bands, small books and toys, sweets, and ALWAYS ALWAYS chocolate coins) - but I thought they were FANTASTIC!  Because I loved my stockings so much, I want to do something similar with Bo.  BUT, the sorts of things I see as stocking-fillers are exactly the same sorts of things that St. Nik brings kids over here!  

SO.....  we decided that St. Nik would always bring Bo JUST Christmas-related things (we were thinking decorations, baking kits, Christmas books and colouring books, christmassy outfits, christmassy craft kits, chocoltate Santas, candy canes, christmassy stationary bits).  This way, he can use and enjoy his gifts in the run-up to Christmas - AND opening his St. Nik gifts will be totally different from opening his stocking gifts on Christmas morning.  So, we contacted St. Nik - and he was fine with our plan!

Here's what Bo woke up to on his very first Sankt Nikolaus Tag.....

Check out his tiddly little boot:

A Santa outfit/babygrow:

A stripy reindeer top:

A stocking to hang up on Christmas Eve (mommy-made, of course):


And two christmassy dribble-bibs (also mommy-made):

Thank you, St. Nik!!!

What are your best memories of Christmas traditions from your childhood???

See you soon.....




  1. Beautiful presents!!!! I really love the stocking!!!!!
    In some parts of Italy we use to celebrate Saint Lucy and she brings little gifts just for the kids…. she arrived last night and, with some xmassy crochet decorations, she donated the boys a ticket to London….. Saint Lucy will travel with them, btw !!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. Awww I love the stocking Carly! I think you both did well to merge your Christmas traditions! Lucky Bo! X

  3. What a wonderful tradition you've started! Adorable gifts, especially the stocking and bibs you made! LOVE the stocking!
    Christmas morning my sister and I would go downstairs to our stockings first too! They were filled with little things, especially candy that my dad liked to eat hahaha!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post!
    Kate :}

  4. Wow when we were still on the patch my understanding was a few treats in the slippers choc/sweets or sticks for if you were naughty. This is a good haul. :) Funny how your stocking memory and mine are so similar. Stockings were great, then breakfast and washing and getting ready and then after the fire was lit the TREE! :) Have a great Christmas.

  5. All the gifts from St Nik are adorable ....your Bo is going to look really Christmas smart! I also see Mummy has made some special too ...lucky Bo to have such a talented Mum!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx


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