Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Hello everyone!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

And an extra-special HAPPY MOTHERDAY to my most frequent blog visitor – my mom!!!  

Mom, I looked everywhere online for a poem to send to you today, but I didn’t like any of them!  Some were too dull, some were too silly, some were too childish, some were too cheesy, some were too grown-up.....  So, I wrote my own, just for you.....

Mom, I’ve always said it –
That you are just the best!
Fun, kind, and supportive –
Better than the rest!

I am very thankful
For all the things you do.
I know I’m very lucky
To have a mom like you!

We have such fun together,
When we shop, or chat, or play,
Or laugh, or craft, or dance,
Or go on holiday!

Today’s a special day,
And I want to let you know
That you’re a super mother –
And that I love you so!

I think that’s all for now,
Except I have to say.....
I can’t wait to see you soon -
And happy Mother’s Day!




  1. But Mother's Day is May 13th!

  2. Ah that's a lovely poem. Your Mum is very lucky!

    Helen xx

  3. Hi sweet Carly, I had trouble leaving you a comment earlier, so I hope this one goes through! The flowers are beautiful and I love the poem you wrote your dear mum! It is so sweet!!! I know she had a very happy Mother's Day! xo~ Paula

  4. What a lovely poem to write for your Mum :) The daff's are gorgous x

  5. mother's day? really? Sure?

  6. cute rhyme!

    i used to keep a 3 things diary every day a few years back when i was feeling really low - it was great!!!

  7. Lovely poem, it must have made your Mum smile. Beautiful flowers too.
    Emma x

  8. Cracked up at the string vest comment on my button post!! Xx

  9. So darling...our Mother's Day is in May.
    Love the cheery daffodils.


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