Friday, 23 March 2012

Me! Baking!!!

Hello there, my lovely bloggy friends!

Guess what I did???  I actually braved the perils of the kitchen, and did some baking!!!  I know you probably don’t believe me – as you know me so well – so I took some photos to prove it.

Simon was out all afternoon, at a ‘magic lecture’.  I imagined him sitting in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, while Dumbledore imparted all his wisdom on witches and wizards from all corners of the globe.  It WASN’T like that, though, Simon assured me!  He said, “It was just a load of magic geeks, sitting in the basement of a magic shop!”  How disappointing!!!  

Anyway, the upshot was that I was Home Alone!  I had been catching up on my blog-reading, and was drooling over Jooles’ scones, at the Sew Sweet Violet blog.  I decided to give her recipe a try.....

I left out the sultanas, as I’m not a big fan.  But, other than that, I followed the recipe to the word.....

And my scones actually turned out LOOKING and TASTING like actual scones!  Success!!!  The ones I enjoyed most, of course, were the ones I sneaked (with a cuppa from my favourite mug) straight from the oven, while they were still hot!  Mmmmmmm!!!

Thank you, Jooles, for sharing your recipe!    

Oh, by the way, Jooles is currently running a FABULOUS giveaway over at Sew Sweet Violet.  To celebrate her 1st blogging birthday, she's giving all her followers the chance to win either some gorgeous pocket bunting, or a super-cute patchwork needle case.  So, pop over and take a look.....

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!




  1. Oooo, they look like a fine batch of scones. The best of the batch are *always* the ones that you sneakily have as soon as they're cool enough to pick up. Any more baking on the horizon?

  2. Well done to you, missus!
    I'm always in awe of anyone who bakes lovely things- those scones look verrrrry yummy.
    Have a fab weekend.
    (Love the magic lectures story. What a shame it isn't more like Hogwarts.)!

  3. yay!!! its not the recipe but the cook that make great things x well done, they look delicious.
    thank you so much for the sweet mention
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  4. Well done.....I think you should send some to me, just so I can make sure they taste as good as they look. ;)
    Wishing you a fab weekend X

  5. Everyone is blogging about food lately, you're all making me hungry!!!

  6. Delicious, scones are one of my all time fav things. Love Katie xx

  7. Oooo, those look delicious! I wish I wasn't a complete mess in the kitchen! It's usually one misadventure after another when I brave it haha!

  8. Well done Carly :D Good job. I especially like your spotty mug! Good choice!!!

    Glad you had fun baking, and more fun eating fresh from the oven... there isn't much better is there!!


  9. Ooh, well done Carly...your scones look perfect and I can just imagine how tasty they were still warm from the your pretty daffodils, stripy jug and spotty cup too!
    Hope you have a happy week,
    Susan x
    P.S Thank you for visiting my blog today and your lovely comments!

  10. They look yummy - nice photos too :-)


  11. Those scones look delicious! Thanks for your lovely comment about my donkeys Paddy & Powers - they said to say hello/eeeeeeeeh awwwww! :O)

  12. Hello sweet Carly! Your scones look perfect! Very well done sweetie! I love your dotty mug, striped pitcher and lovely daffs! Thank you for your sweet comment and Mr. Poppy thanks you too! He is quite the character! Sending you lots of hugs!!! Love, Paula xo

  13. Oh these look so yummy...and I adore your red polka dotted mug and striped pitcher. xoxxo Happy new week to you.

  14. Hello chuck! I was glad to hear you guessed the weirdo emails were not from me, eek. My scones that I last made were completely flat and utterly disastrous. Yours look perfect. They just look so pretty. Everything I make looks wonky. Can you buy them in Germany? I am guessing not. I make some foods here that I miss from home and cannot buy here.
    I love the jug and mug too. Is your jug Greengate?
    I meant to reply re last email from you. Apologies for mentioning the book. Roman won't watch anything with spooky connotations and refuses to go to see the film of it with me after seeing an ad for it, which Eliska saw too and was terrfied by, the poor lamb.
    Do you have a shop called Nana in Germany? I bought some plates and my Babushka doll cushion from there. I think it is a German shop, but not sure. It is kind of a cheapo shop, but occasionally some random niceness appears, if you know what I mean.
    Sorry, this comment looks well random!
    I also like the idea of lots of magic people sitting in some sort of draughty hall being lectured by a mysterious man in a cape, hee hee. xxx


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