Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My Crafting Room

Do you know what my all-time-favourite blog posts are?  I’ll give you a clue:  I’m VERY nosey…..

That’s it!  My favourites are the ones where bloggers invite you in for a snoop around their crafting spaces.  I LOVE them!!!  Seeing how other people decorate their crafty rooms or corners, and what equipment they have, and what bits and pieces they like to surround themselves with is so interesting and inspiring.  Getting to have a nose around somebody’s crafting ‘den’ also makes me feels as though I know that person a little bit better.

So, I thought that it’s about time I posted about MY crafting room!  Well, actually it’s half a room.  The other half is Simon’s 'magician’s lair' (he’s a part-time magician – you can check out his website here).  He might argue that I’ve taken over substantially MORE than half a room, but I’m sure you wouldn’t believe him.  ;-)

Here goes, then.  This is where I spend most of my spare time – at my little desk:

Above it are my noticeboard and my calendar:

And here’s Simon’s beloved IKEA Poang chair (which I’ve sneakily prettified with a couple of cute cushions):

Here are my shelves (home to my crafty book collection and my CK sewing basket):

And here’s my tin collection (all full of goodies, of course):

My chest of drawers is full of fabric, and so are the boxes at the side (I’ll have to show you INSIDE one of the days):

And here’s my clock (which I left ‘til last, because I tend to forget it’s there when I’m crafting up a storm):

So, that’s it! 

What kind of blog posts do YOU enjoy the most???





  1. Love it! What a great space you have there, so bright and colourful, the way you've personalised it is lovely. Like you, I enjoy having a nosey in peoples homes and I love to see the projects people are working on. Most of all, I love a blog post with pretty pictures!
    Suzanne XX

  2. I love how your craft space reflects your style of work. Its lovely!!!

    I may have to do a post of my room, it is pretty much the opposite of yours, wanna swap??!!

    Shelly X

  3. I love your space, it's so organised. I love the wee Cath Kidston sewing basket too. Those book shelves are well stocked!!

    I wish, wish, wish I had a craft room or half room! Thanks for sharing

    Helen xx

  4. O Carly i`m so jealous. I`m trying to get Hubby to agree to a garage conversion for my crafting!


  5. What a gorgeous crafty space you have! I loved seeing it thank you! Btw I love the Poang chair too, a friend of mine used to have one and I always loved sitting on it and meant to get one myself :) Your tins and cushions and shelves all look so pretty, Carly!
    Helen x

  6. Wow - that is so neat and tidy and I simple adore your chair.

    Nina x

  7. Your crafting room looks fabulous!! I dont have one as such but if I did I would like it to be like yours.
    My favourite posts are the 'nosy' ones too where you get a sneaky peak around peoples homes!

  8. Thanks for the it wish mine was that organized. Also love ikea

  9. I loved this post Carly - your room is SO neat. You have inspired me to do a similar post (I did one a while back, but it needs an update) :-) Watch this space...

  10. It is Very Very Tidy!!!! mine is a complete mess, I will do a post soon and show you ! it all looks lovely xx

  11. What a sweet little room you the touches of RED! It is always nice to have a space of your own. Happy creating this weekend.

  12. I am ready to post something similar, been re-organising my space this week. I spot a few things in your photos that I have too- the Russian doll tins were the first I spotted! Come over to and see what I've managed to achieve :) xxx

  13. I love your craft room. I could just spend a few hours browsing your books. :D

  14. dear carly, I am totally with you in being very nosey :) actually I love to peek inside the whole houses (being an home interiors freak) not just the craft rooms :P but yep, I do love craft rooms/corners/tables and it's nice to see how everyone has different way of organizing things. It's really inspiring and very useful! I love your half (or a little bit of half ^_^) room, it's so pretty and calming.. I love how you used all those pastel colours with some red accents... it's really cute!
    I also showed mine almost a year ago and like you did I also promised another post with the "inside" and the organization systems I adopted... but so far I hadn't had the time to do it ..because it's always a mess and I don't know when I will be able to have it tidy and ready to be photographed again :DDD


  15. Hello there
    I totally love to be nosey so my blog friend I vote for nosey posts! They are are the tops! I'm a very visual person or other words my learning style is visual and also tactil. I learn and understand better by seeing and by doing. Therefore I need to see to envisage the person or situation I am in contact with. I love to peek in people's houses ( thats really nosey,isn't it?) usually to admire,to pick up ideas and also it gives me info about the person. I'm always saying to my family abroad send me photos...and it is so true for me the cliche a picture is worth a thousand word.
    Having said all that and looking at your photos of your wonderfully tidy craft room and comparing as I look over my shoulder at my study/craft room I cringe...'cos its a blooming pigsty...tch!!!!

    Fab post!!!

    Amanda :-)

  16. Oooh... it was lovely to snoop around your craft room! Very lovely.

    This blog post has inspired me to do a similar blog about my studio... but i'm off to tidy it up first!

    Thank you for this Carly - it's good to see you doing so well xx

  17. hi carly. what a super tidy space you have there. a bit different to mine in my recent post. i have not relized my dream space that i coveted from pics of .jane and the happy crow, pictured in country living mag last year. i just have too much stuff after too many years of gathering and hoarding, and i do have to share the space with my daughter who cant fit her equally large stash in her tiny flat. so i sigh as i nosey browse and sigh again. blessings, trills:-)


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