Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Better Late Than Never

Ooopsie!!!  It’s almost the end of January, and I haven’t made my new year’s resolutions yet.  I guess it’s not too late (as it’s still January).  And I’m sure a wise man once said “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!

Deciding to ONLY set fun, crafty resolutions last year was a brilliant idea – no worrying, no guilt, no disappointments, no shame, no stress! 

So, there’ll be no dull diet plans or excruciating exercise itineraries for me in 2013.....  just lots of crafty capers and arty adventures - AGAIN!!!

How did I do with last year’s resolutions?  Here’s a quick review:

1.  Learn to crochet. Well, I did!  I’m still just a newbie, but I’ve completed a few crochet projects now – and you can tell what they’re meant to be.  So, tick!
2.  Make more things for myself (including some clothes).  I’ve knitted myself a few bits and bobs to wear, and I’ve made myself some jewellery.  But I haven’t sewn myself any clothes (which was what I intended last January).  So, yes and no to this one.
3.  Make more (and hopefully buy less) greetings cards.  Tick!  I have made more cards (especially Christmas cards) and bought less. I could still do better, though.
4.  Have a go at knitting things that are not just sewn-up rectangles.  Yes!  I’ve knitted a few things using circular needles, and a few things that aren’t rectangles or squares.
5.  Experiment with making more home accessories.  Tick!  Lots of cushions, a few papercrafty things to hang on the wall, baby quilts, different kinds of Christmas decorations.....  I would have liked to have experimented with more new patterns and ideas, though.  
6.  Improve my photography skills.  I think I have.  I feel more confident in using my camera now.
7.  Post more tutorials on my blog.  Sadly, no.  Sorry!  I only posted one last year.  That’s shameful, I know!  Must do better!!! 

Bearing my review of 2012, and thinking of what else I’d like to achieve, I came up with my CRAFTY RESOLUTIONS FOR 2013:

1)  Post more tutorials on my blog!
2)  Make some clothes for myself (sewing).
3)  Learn to follow a proper crochet pattern.
4)  Make more greetings cards – for different occasions.
5)  Expand the range of things I make to sell (including adding more home accessories).
6)  Venture into the kitchen to do some baking.
7)  Try out some crafts that I’ve never tried before.

If you have any suggestions for number 7, I’d love to hear from you!

Let’s see how this year’s resolutions go.....

I’m off to make a start right now.....



P.S.  Who else is IN LOVE with their Mollie calendar?


  1. Hi Carly, You did well with your resolutions last year. I only made one (and it was the reason I started my blog) - to make one project per week, I'd failed that by the end of Feb and I'm not doing great on the blogging front at the mo either!! Yes, I too love the Mollie calendar - I'm a huge Selina Lake fan. Suzanne XX

  2. Hello sweet Carly! I enjoyed this post so much! I loved your resolutions and how you shared what you accomplished! You put a smile on my face dear friend! You have done so well and your plans for this year sound equally fabulous! I look forward to all you will share! I also want to sew more clothes for myself and learn more crafts and make more cards! You have given me so many ideas! Here are some ideas for #7. You could consider, cross~stitching, embroidery, needle felting, doll making with felt or fabric or both! I love Shelly's (Gingermelon) patterns! I hope this helps. I want to learn so much more and improve what I already know. I have lots of improving to do, so that will keep me busy! Yes, I love my Mollie Makes calendar... my sweet friend Julie sent the mag and calendar to me. I was so excited as I love Mollie Makes and Selina Lake's gorgeous photos! Have a happy day sweetie! Lots of love, Paula xoxo

  3. Those sound like some fantastic resolutions, and great job on your list from last year!! As for number 7, maybe some embroidery? That pops to mind since I've been embroidering with some crewel yarn and am loving it! And my Mollie calendar is hanging up by my desk- love it!!
    Kate :}

  4. Adoring your resolutions, my dear! Way to go on meeting with so much success last year! You definitely took to crocheting like a pro. I love popping by your blog to see your pictures so you can definitely consider them very good ;-) I don't like to spend lots of time on poorly photographed blogs. I may be away from blogger a while at a time, but when I come back, yours is one of my first stops. I am always so inspired by your pretty makes.

    Funny, my goal for this year is to use the oodles of scrapbooks bits I have to make my own greeting cards. Not sure I will make it, but I am trying.

    Have a blessed day!

  5. Great post as always Carly! Have you ever visited the Stitch and Unwind website ( They have been running a series on learning to read crochet patterns don't know if that might help with one of your new resolutions? Looking forward to seeing what lovely crafty makes you come up with in the year ahead :-) Helen

  6. I only got my calendar this week. Did buy one at the start of the year but it was so bland looking. Finally found one I like! I have to do my "list" to. Not off to a good start am I! xo

  7. You got more ticks against your 2012 list than I did against mine. It was a write off of a year really for me, but you did good! And I'm liking the new list. How about giving tatting a try? It's really quite easy, portable and perfect for making pretty collars for those clothes you're going to sew and for tiny jewellery items you could sell.

  8. Love this calendar...I have one too! Sounds like a good list! Happy creating...can't wait to see everything. Happy Thursday to you.

  9. Well done on last year's resolutions Carly! I would say they were a resounding success! I think you have found the key - make only the fun crafty variety!! Personally this year, I am going with your number 7, try out some crafts I've never tried before, I already have a few in mind. Looking forward to seeing yours......

  10. A wonderful list, Carly! And a very cheery and positive crafty start to the year too :) I look forward to seeing your lovely creations again this made some gorgeous things in 2012! And yes, the calendar is beautiful isn't it??
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  11. Wow! These are great resolutions :-)
    I haven't made any crafty ones although I have um bunch of them for my personal life...

    Regarding the calendar, it's been up on the wall for a week now.

  12. i should learn to follow a crochet pattern too, i look at them and don't understand a word!

  13. Oh I wish I'd got that Mollie Makes calendar, it looks dreamy

    What about making your own stamps - Lino cutting? I'm dying to do this but as you know I'll have something or should I say someone else keeping my hands occupied soon enough. Maybe you've already made your own stamps, I think it would be a great skill to have. Stamps are expensive to buy!

    I like all your resolutions. Good luck!!

    Helen xx

  14. Looking forward to seeing how you'll do. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Have a great weekend. Bente

  15. That calendar is so pretty x

    check out my cath kidston giveaway

  16. Fun! Number seven could be to begin a dollhouse Reno!!

  17. Having only a fun-activity list is genius! I'll make a creative and beauty one!
    Go on with crochet, I've only just started and I find it so much easier than knitting, and more satisfying!

  18. Hope your resolutions are going well :) X


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