Thursday, 10 January 2013

Crafty Gift-Giving

As promised in my last post, I’m going to do a show-and-tell of some of the Christmas presents I made for people this year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to make quite as many gifts as I did last year (being in hospital for the last two weeks before going home for the holidays threw lots of spanners into the Christmas-planning-works).  It was a good job I’d started on most of my planned gift-making projects super-early!

Here are the ones I managed to finish on time.....

[a hot water bottle cover for my mom]

[a make-up case and brooch for my brother-in-law's girlfriend]

[a make-up case for my mother-in-law]

[a bag for my friend]

[a button necklace and matching bracelet for my sister]

I made a few more things that I didn't manage to photograph:
  • I made another make-up bag (for my sister).....
  • ..... and ANOTHER for my cousin's wife
  • I made a phone case with a neck-strap for my nan (she likes to carry her phone around the house with her)
  • I decorated a plain notebook for my mom (I cut up pretty spotty and stripy papers to make a little house and garden on the cover)
  • I made a beaded Christmas tree bauble for my nan

Simon contributed to the Christmas crafting cause this year too!  He made all the men in our families jars of DELICIOUS apple chutney and tomato relish.

Do you remember my post from aaages ago about my sister's first sewing project?  Well, I decided to set her up for future projects by getting her these for Christmas:  

[a little bundle of fabrics and other essential bits and bobs]

[my all-time favourite sewing project book]

[the world's cutest, pinkest sewing machine]

She was SO excited on Christmas day, when she opened the sewing machine.  I can't WAIT for her to get started on some projects. And.....  I can't wait to have a go on her machine!!!  ;-)

Have a fantastic weekend!




  1. What lovely makes Carly ... and I'm sure your sister was made up with her lovely present ... Bee xx

  2. Carly such beautiful gifts. I especially love the bag and button jewellery.

  3. oo i love these cath kidstons books :))and i have same little sew machine, it's really the world's cutest <3 :)

  4. Love you handmade presents. So sweet of you. That sewing machine is just the cutest thing ever!

  5. Hello Carly! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog..... I'm loving your blog too........I'm thinking of investing in one of those sewing machines....they are so gorgeous! Happy new year to you x

  6. Loads of gorgeous pressies there Carly, love the pink sewing machine! Thanks for the welcome back : )


  7. Such lovely gifts!! All the sewing gifts for your sister are so great and thoughtful! That sewing machine is just adorable!
    Kate :}

  8. How sweet of you, Carly! Your gifts are so lovely and thoughtful!

  9. Wow Carly. You have been busy. I love ALL your makes and Simon's chutney sounds delicious! I wish I was confident enough with my sewing machine to try making bags and things. I love your tags too, they really finish the gifts off nicely xxxx

  10. WOW you are super-sonic Carly! and what beautiful and perfect makes, i bet EVERYONE was thrilled.
    How lovely to share your passion with your sister too.
    happy new week
    love jooles x

  11. Hi Carly, Happy New Year. What gorgeous gifts you made for people, they must have been over-the-moon to receive them. What a lovely, thoughtful gift for your sister. Great idea to make up the pack of fabric etc. xXx

  12. you are so sweet..such lovely gifts you created for your love ones. home-made is always the BEST! Happy week to you. xo

  13. OMG...I wish I had your skills...these are fab!

  14. Oh every sewer loves getting a NEW sewing machine. I love the pink one. My hubby got me the Singer 150th Anniversary edition....and it blew me away, something I never ever ever would have splurged on for myself!

    Love all of your handmade gifts. They are the best thing to make, and the best thing to receive.

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina


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