Sunday, 6 January 2013

Santa, you know me so well!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I hope you all had a happy Christmas, and that you celebrated the start on 2013 in style!  We had a wonderful Christmas with my family (being spoilt, eating lots, and playing games), managed to meet up with lots of UK-based friends, and had a fantastic New Year's Eve (with my parents and some friends) at a hotel in Cheltenham.  

Santa Claus is SUCH a clever fellow!  How DID he know what I was hoping to find in my stocking this year?!?  And he's SO generous too!  I think I must have been very, very good last year!!!

I thought I'd do a little show-and-tell of some of the crafty pressies I received.....

[look out, books - here comes the scalpel...]

[a little bobbin corking dolly]

[a bit of CK, of course]

[another papercutting book]

[my new 'Mollie' subscription - with freebee book]

[a new camera lens - to snap some birdies and other creatures]

[a lovely, colourful, small-project crafty book]

[and last but not least... some cute fabrics]

I'm CAN'T WAIT to get started on some new crafty projects.....  Thank you SO much for all my wonderful Christmas gifts, dear family and friends!!!  

Next time, I'll do a show-and-tell of some of the pressies I MADE for people this Christmas.  So, see you soon.....




  1. Happy new year! :-) What wonderful gifts you have received - lucky you :-) Leah xxx

  2. Hello sweet Carly! I love your Christmas gifts! I am so happy for you dear friend! I know you will enjoy them so much! So sweet of your dear family and friends! It shows what a sweetie you are too! I look forward to seeing your makes! Love and hugs, Paula xoxo

  3. What a great haul! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it all!!

    Helen xx

    Oh and Happy New Year!

  4. Hello sweetie :o)
    wow you must have been super good! what lovely treats
    glad to hear you have had lots of fun too
    love jooles x

  5. Lovely presents ... I got the papercutting book too ... it's lovely ... happy crafting ... Bee xx

  6. Yes you did get some lovely presents ,well done you xx

  7. A very happy New year Carly :-)

    What a lot of lovely goodies! You must have done something right then to be treated and thought so well of. I wouldn't mind trying out that Cath Kidston button factory set, you'll have to post about it. :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. Oh my goodness, I was drooling over these lovely gifts!!
    Hope you have so much fun crafting with your new toys!
    Happy New Year!
    Kate :}

  9. Oooh what a lovely selection, I think any of us crafty people would love those prezzies.
    That button factory looks lush.
    Emma x

  10. A new lens too (yay!) - I was thinking the very same thing about Santa on Christmas day...he's such a clever fella.

    Happy New Year,

    Nina x

  11. How lovely to receive such wonderful goodies!!
    I have been a little absent from Blogland recently and am enjoying a jolly good catch up with everyone!
    Have a super week, my lovely!

  12. Just discovered your lovely blog. What a fab collection of gifts. I've not seen the CK button set.

  13. He is pretty clever huh :) Love your neat gifts. Happy New Year!

  14. What lovely bunch pf presents Santa brought to you! You have been a good girl!
    Answering your question on my blog: If I could make those wrist warmers, you can too. They are very easy (the easiest I found) and the pattern on Ravelry is well written and free. :)

  15. What fabulous crafty gifts, Carly! I look forward to seeing your must be very inspired with so many lovely new crafty things!!
    Wishing you a Happy New Year.
    Helen x

  16. Dear, lovely Carly,

    Happy New Year to you and your wonderful crafty mind! I wish you much joy, peace, and, of course, happy creating.

    I must say that every single one of your gifts sings out to me 'you want me, don't you?' They are beautiful, especially that first book. No wonder we love Father Christmas so ;-)


  17. What a lovely crafty haul ... you're going to have such fun with all that!

    Happy New Year!


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