Wednesday, 13 February 2013

100 Random Facts About Me (Part 1)

As promised, I’m going to continue my celebration of having posted on my blog 100 times by sharing with you 100 random facts about myself.

I thought that reeling off all 100 in one sitting might be a bit much, though.  I don’t want to bore you to tears, make you go cross-eyed, or put you to sleep!  So, instead, I’m going to do this in four parts – 25 facts per post.

And here we go with the first lot:
1.  I’m a primary school teacher (teaching Reception at the moment)
2.  I keep a note book, especially for recording all the funny things I hear the kids at school say

[this is the book - if I ever need cheering up, reading through some of my little notes guarantees a laugh]
3.  Over the years, I’ve considered the following alternative career paths:  princess, ballerina, trapeze artist, and author  (not sure I'd be any good at the last three, but I'm sure I'd make a great princess)
4.  I tried snowboarding once, but couldn’t even stand up
5.  I’ve tried skiing more than once, but each lesson ended in tears (mine – and quite possibly the instructors’ too)
6.  Despite the above two points, I LOVE ski holidays (for the snow, hot chocolate, tobogganing, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and après-ski fun)
7.  I LOVE cruise holidays too.....

[sailing out from windy Southampton with a glass of champers]
8.  ..... even though I’m terrified of the sea (and any water that comes up above my knees)
9.  I LOVE fish & chips (but only from proper UK fish & chip shops) – it’s the food I miss most, living abroad
10.  We’re both English, but have been living in Germany for 9 years
11.  I often laugh so much I cry and can’t breathe – fun AND worrying at the same time!
12.  I used to be a proud band geek (I played the cornet in a brass band)
13.  I also used to play the saxophone.....
14.  ..... and the keyboard (which is the only musical  instrument I still own)

[sadly, it's 'out of order' at the moment, because the adaptor blew up.....  I think it was just sick of my awful playing!!!]
15.  My favourite subjects at school were English and History.....
16.  ..... and my least favourite were Science and Maths
17.  My most detested household chore (and, unfortunately, Simon’s too) is ironing
18.  My favourite styles of music are Southern rock and blues
19.  I prefer dogs to cats
20.  My favourite drink is tea

[yet another empty cup of tea]
21.  I rarely drink coffee
22.  I love Italian and Greek food
23.  I'm a VERY fussy eater!!!
24.  I love to try on big, posh wedding hats in department store
25.  My favourite colour is red

[some of my little, happy red bits and bobs]
Well, that’s it for today!  Now you all know me a wee bit better!

Don’t forget about my 100th post GIVEAWAY.  If you missed my last post, you can find all the details HERE..... 

See you soon, for another instalment of randomness!




  1. I love that you prefer dogs to cats and I think you would make an awesome princess!

  2. Wow! Truly nice reading and fun facts about my blogging friend :0) I was a school teacher for some years having degree in economics and was really happy with that! Love your pictures.
    Have a sweet Valentine Day dear Carly
    Lot of love from Moscow to you

    1. What a great idea - it's fun finding out more about you. I'd go for a career change if I were you, looking at your pic you'd make a perfect princess!

  3. I'm sure you'd make a great princess too!!

  4. ah, i love ths ind of post, great to get to know you, cant wait to read the rest!

  5. Princess Carly has a lovely ring to it ... and I am definitely a dog person too ... Bee xx

  6. What a lovely post, random is good, speaking of random, my 6 year old said something for your note book as we were leaving for school in the pouring rain this morning...
    "Mummy ?"
    "Yes Sophie"
    "Will you turn my umberella on for me please?"
    She cracks me up :)
    Can't wait for the next lot of facts.
    Emma x

  7. This is such a fun post!! I love your idea of keeping a notebook specifically for things kids say! When I was nannying I tried to write down a lot of the funny things, but when I did they were never in the same spot... this is brilliant! The photo of the red bits and bobs is soooo good! Can't wait to read the next 25 facts!
    Kate :}

  8. Such an interesting post, and lovely to learn more about you. I love the idea of your notebook to collect the children's funny sayings in!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  9. Hello sweetheart Carly! What a delightful post! I loved learning more about you dear friend! I am so happy to see a photo of you! You are so gorgeous!!!!! I look forward to reading more!!!!

    PS~ Is your sewing machine working okay? I hope so! Oh, I found a fabulous sewing book at Barnes and Noble the other day. I thought you might like to know the title since you mentioned you wanted to sew clothing. I love this book and it is really helping me! I stayed up a bit late reading it! It is called Chic & Simple Sewing. This is the US amazon link, but you can see some of the inside of the book to find out if it is something you would be interested in. I am going to make the baby doll top! Much love sweetie! xo~Paula

  10. Love this post Carly! Really fun way of getting to know you better!

  11. Did you get your red scissors from IKEA? I think I have the same pair for crafting (and coupon clipping haha)! :-)


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