Sunday, 17 February 2013

100 Random Facts About Me (Part 2)

Hello again!

Thanks for all of your comments on my last post.  I'm glad you enjoyed the randomness!  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then off I go with my next 25 random facts:

26.  I love to LOOK AT fancy German cakes, but I love to EAT good, old-fashioned English cakes

[Yummy banana cake, made by Simon this morning]

27.  I always forget to take my camera with me on occasions when great photo-opportunities arise
28.  My favourite TV show (at the moment) is ‘Downton Abbey’
29.  I couldn’t pick a favourite movie
30.  Nor could I pick a favourite book
31.  I’m shy around people I don't know (though not as shy as I used to be)
32.  I’d love to be able to ballroom dance really beautifully
33.  I have a ridiculously large collection of children’s books (and PRETEND this is because of my job)
34.  I’m TOTALLY un-sporty (and always have been)
35.  The only sports team I’ve ever been in was my primary school netball team (and that was only because I was the 2nd tallest in the class)
36.  I love quiet nights in.....
37.  And I love big nights out (in Düsseldorf)

[I think you should all visit Düsseldorf - it's great]

38.  I got engaged while I was still at school.  My form tutor said it would never last – she was very wrong!
39.  Our relationship started out as a holiday romance – Simon was a lifeguard at the holiday camp pool
40.  Over the two years before we moved in together, we took it in turns to travel the 200 miles to see each other EVERY weekend
41.  I was 22 when we got married

[This is a photo my cousin took when we weren't looking]

42.  Simon is my very best friend
43.  I have the best husband in the world.....

[Last year, in France]

44.  .... and the best family too (I’m VERY lucky)
45.  I have one sister (9 years younger than me)
46.  I love cheese sarnies – mature cheddar on crusty white bread.....
47.  ..... but chip butties are even better!!!
48.  I once drank three shot glasses full of hot, melted chocolate (at Cadbury’s World) – and didn’t feel too great afterwards
49.  I love starry nights
50.  I passed my driving test aaaages ago, but I don't drive 

That’s all for this post, folks!  Do you feel as though you know me even better now?  
There’s still some time left to enter my ‘Chocolate’ book GIVEAWAY, if you haven’t already.  You can find all the details here.  

Hugs to you all,




  1. Great post again - I'm looking forward to the next lot of facts! XX

  2. Quite nice discovering a blog and finding things out about the blogger right away!
    I shall enjoy reading a few posts now, just what Sundays are all about.
    Emma x

  3. Hi Carly, its great to get to know more about you, and to see a pic :-) I had a great great aunt who was a trapeze artist...her name was Daisy...
    hope your having a happy sunday
    sophie x

  4. Love this Carly - I am with you on numbers 32, 35 and 36 ;-) LOVE the fact you got engaged at school! xo

  5. I've always wanted to Tap Dance as well as Ballroom Dancing!

  6. Hehehe! I love these facts!
    I too, am completely unsporty and my other half also used to be a life-guard (although not when I met him, more's the pity!)
    Have a super week- are you on half term soon?
    Sarah xx

  7. Love it! I have lots of children's books too and I can strongly relate to 31! I keep meaning to start Downton Abbey!
    Have a great week!!
    Kate :}

  8. We have a few points in common!
    Thank you for commenting, dear!

  9. Awwww - such a lovely list. It's funny what you find out about people - in a nice way.

    Nina x

  10. I am loving these random facts - it's nice to get to know you better. I am considering doing something like this on my blog - maybe ;-) X

  11. Great post again! and also finding that we have so much in common! :)

  12. Hello sweet Carly! Another delightful post! It is so wonderful to know you better and learn more about you! Sweetie, we have so much in common. Many of the things I have read about you, I think, that's me too! hee hee! I am so happy you have a happy marriage! I feel the same way about my sweet husband! I see you posted part 3 so I am off to read those. Yay! Love you, Paula xo

  13. Hello again sweet Carly! I can't find part three. It is in my reader but when I click on it, it is not there, nor on your blog. I will check back again later. xo

  14. Love these facts about you! We have a lot in common :-) I love Downton, too, and am soooo mad at Season 3 right now!

  15. OK starting to see a pattern here which might explain why we met, I'm just the same on; 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 36, 37 (not Dusseldorf specific!), 42 (obv I mean K here), 43 (we'll have to agree to disagree, I have the best one, perhaps we can call a draw), 46, 47, 48!!! (then I repeated this with Butter Beer at Harry Potter Studio Lot) and 49.

    like peas and carrots LOL


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