Friday, 3 May 2013

Crafty Collaboration

Some time back, my friend Christal asked me if I could make her some of my fabric and button rosettes.  She wanted to use them in her jewellery-making.  I LOVE her work, so I jumped at the chance to have some little Crafted by Carly bits used into her designs!

So, I set to work making 10 rosettes.  I packaged them up, and sent them all off. 

I was SO excited, over the next few weeks, to see beautiful new makes popping up on Christal’s Facebook page – with MY makes incorporated in them!  There was one necklace in particular that I just fell in love with, in my latest favourite colour-combo of grey and yellow.....

..... and now it’s MINE!!!  YIPPEEEE!!!

Would you like to see it? 

Isn’t she clever?!?  If you’d like to have a look at some of Christal’s other necklaces (and earrings too), take a look at her Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Wishing you all a wonderful (and sunny, and warm, and crafty) weekend.....



  1. Such a great crafty collab!! Super cute! I'll have to check out Christal's other pieces!
    Have a great weekend!!
    Kate :}

  2. What a gorgeous necklace! So nice that you could pair up with a friend to make such lovely things, your rosettes are beautiful.
    M x

  3. Hello sweet Carly, This necklace is gorgeous! Your friend did a beautiful job! I love your pretty rosettes! They are perfect in her lovely necklaces. I am so glad this one is yours. The colors are wonderful together! I hope you have a happy weekend! Lots of love, Paula xo

  4. It's lovely - perfect colour combination x

  5. Congratulations! It is so exciting when our makes can be featured elsewhere. Brings added confirmation that what we are doing is beautiful to others as well as ourselves. Loved catching up on all your crafty goodness!

  6. they are cute! and lovely colours x

  7. I'm not surprised you fell in love with the necklace, it's gorgeous! I'm really loving the yellow and grey combination of colours at the moment too. XX

  8. Brilliant combination and I particularly like the fresh grey ,yellow and white colours used. Your rosette makes it especially nice.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  9. Well done Christal!! She was always really good at pairing up outfits and colours, you two make a great team!! More please!!! Love Victoria xo


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