Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Friend the Postman

This week, I have a new best friend – the postman!  We check our mailbox excitedly every evening when we get back from work.  And we’re usually both disappointed.  But, over the last week, my pal has delivered me 3 exciting packages!!!

Inside package number 1 was Issue 13 of ‘Mollie Makes’. 

Look..... free buttons!!!  How cute are they?!  And how pretty is the colour?!  There’s lots of cuteness and prettiness inside the magazine too.  There are so, so, so many things that I need to add to my ‘dream shopping list’.  And there’s a lovely, colourful crocheted cushion tutorial.  I think I might give it a try, to enhance my new-found granny square skills.

Package number 2 contained Issue 11 of ‘Mollie’.  Don’t ask!  It took 3 months (and countless trying-to-stay-calm-and-not-write-any-naughty-words emails) for them to send me my first subscription issue.  And I haven’t received any of the magazines in the right order.....  It was really annoying!  But now I’ve got all the issues I’m due, and they’ve promised me a few ‘extra’ magazines after my subscription officially ends.  So, I’m happy now!

Issue 11 came with a cute kit for making a little Russian doll key ring.  And look at the little mice on the front cover.  Look at that teeny-tiny little knitted cardie!!!  I’d LOVE to make myself and little well-dressed mousie.  But I think it would all be way too fiddly for me.  Maybe one day???  This issue has inspired me to try out some embroidery.  There are instructions for making an embroidered cuckoo clock, and I’d LOVE it for my crafting room!

Package Number 3 was the most exciting one of all!  It contained a giveaway prize from the lovely and VERY generous Jules at The Awkward NicheTHANK YOU JULES!!!  Look at all the goodies I won.....
A cute hedgehog embroidery kit (more prompting for me to get my embroidery on):

A sweet little blue heart:

A kitty key ring (look what he ate for dinner):

And the super-cute ‘Super Cute’ book:

Thanks, postie!!!  What will you bring for me this week, I wonder.....

And thanks again, Jules!!!  Hugs to you and all my lovely blogging friends,




  1. sounds like you have lots of plans!
    I'm loving mollie makes and those buttons are gorgeous.
    What a beautiful collection that you won...very generous
    love jooles x

  2. How super lovely. just the sort of thing to cheer up a dull day. I am so glad I got a Mollie Makes subscription, yours sounds a bit stress along the way will love them x

  3. Woo hooo Carly, awesome parcels landed in your letter box.

    The only interesting (creepy) thing I got this week was a Huntsman spider that landed on me and scared me twice, eek!!

    I would like to make those mice too, but they will have to go to the bottom of the 'to do' list at the moment......
    The cuckoo clock embroidery looks brilliant, I would love to give it a whirl.

    Fab win from Jules, how cute is that Hedgie embroidery kit? You so have to do that Carly it's just too cute for words.

    Hope you've had a good week,

    Claire x

  4. I just got the latest Mollie Makes yesterday, and was going to ask if you had got yours yet because the button pictures reminded me of you! That hedgehog embroidery kit is adorable as well. Have fun with all of your goodies!

  5. You are very lucky. So far my Mollie Makes are coming fine. But I bet how annoying it can be when they delay. Love the hedgehog embroidery. xx

  6. Is Mollie Makes worth subscribing to, do you think? I am currently doing battle with Unique Magazines. My husband took out a subscription of Handmade Living for me for my birthday in MARCH, and I still havent't received a magazine! They seem to be an absolute shambles, to be avoided at all costs! XX

  7. You've got a very nice postman, all mine brings me is bills. I haven't seen a copy of Mollie Makes but I've heard lots about it on blogs, I think I'm going to have to buy one. Congratulations on the win, I love that cat keyring and the fish in his tummy.

  8. Hello sweet Carly! I am so happy for you!!! It is exciting to get good mail! Mollie Makes is my favorite magazine! The issues are a month behind here in the US, but well worth the wait. I am waiting on issue 13 right now and it should be available in a couple of weeks. Those buttons look fabulous! I am glad they straightened out your subscription. I want to make the sweet mice too and I still have my Russian doll to make. Oh yes! The cuckoo clock is AdORaBLe and I am going to embroidery that as well. I can hardly wait to see yours. The giveaway prizes are so pretty and fun! I know you will enjoy them all sweetie! Thank you for your lovely comment! You are so sweet! I love to twirl in my skirts too and that is a very good twirl skirt! :) I love that you do a 'twirl test' when you get a new skirt. That is a good idea! Much love, Paula xo

  9. Glad everything made it safely through the post! Sorry about the creases in the hedgehog, I didn't think it would come out so bad! Make sure you embroider him first before you iron him, as ironing will make the pattern disappear!!!

  10. After buying Mollie Makes when out shopping for a few months Carly I have finally decided to subscribe and I so look forward to it dropping through the letter box!
    Congratulations on your lovely Giveaway prize,
    Hope you are having a happy week,
    Susan x

  11. Now that is a happy letterbox! I love Mollie Makes and can't wait for it to arrive each month. It takes a bit longer to reach me here in NZ but I don't care. So glad you've finally got all the issues you were supposed to get! And look at that fabulous giveaway gift! Spoilt girl - have fun with all those treats.

  12. You make Mollie Makes very desirable indeed! I may just join the long queue of subscribers yet! I hope you are well and happy? General elections are over here in France, thank goodness.

    And it's sunny today!


    ps I'm very fond of my postlady too.

  13. Gorgeous goodies - I love Mollie makes - they have such fabulous makey things all beautifully presented.

    Nina xxx

  14. Lovely!
    I love your blog.
    Shall we follow each other?
    If so, please leave your link at my comments box so that I can follow you back.

  15. Here I am , my dear friend, following you back!
    We'll keep in touch.

  16. oooh, I love a good mail day! That little lot looks so exciting and will keep you going for a while! The goodies from Julie look fab, the book looks great, hope you will give us a little review?


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