Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Our Fairytale Forest Bedroom

A few months ago, we decided to redecorate our bedroom.  We saw this amazing wallpaper, and HAD to have it.  And it was the wallpaper that inspired the rest.

Simon did all the decorating, and I contributed by sewing some patchwork cushion covers and making some papercuts for the walls (and by doing a bit of shopping, of course).....

  • papercutting
  • making parchwork cushions
  • shopping in IKEA
  • red paired with bright blue
  • Russian dolls
  • little wooden ladybirds
  • magical, glowing bunny rabbits

But I DON'T love:
  • visiting DIY stores
  • getting covered in paint
  • hanging pictures
  • hemming curtains

Luckily, we BOTH LOVE our new bedroom!!!




    love jooles xxx

  2. Ummmm I want to move in! Incredible! Love the wallpaper, color scheme and your framed artwork! Your papercutting skills are out of control- you need to make and sell those babies!
    Kate :}

  3. I love that wallpaper too! Love your patchwork cushions and forest inspired pictures. That rabbit lamp is super and fits right in! Was it bought at lkea? A really lovely bedroom. Pam x

  4. Oh it is gorgeous! Everything looks amazing together! I adore Ikea too...was there today in fact. I am really quite in love with your wee Russian dolls, can I ask where you got them?
    Marianne x

  5. It looks gorgeous, well worth the hassle!!

  6. Your new room looks magical Carly...definitely a place for sweet dreams!...Love the patchwork cushions and how you've arranged your pictures and the colour scheme too (oh..and the sweet little bunny..I've seen it in different online shops and always think I must buy one...in fact, I was showing it to one of my daughters a few days ago..it's on my list!)
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x

  7. I love it, it looks fantastic and your "I don't loves" made me laugh out loud, I'm glad it was worth it :-D
    Emma x

  8. love your new room Carly - and really loving those Russian dolls!
    Your beautiful little purse has just been delivered here - THANK YOU - I'm so grateful for all the support (you are super neat!) I've shared it on IG and will do another blog post in a couple of days. Can't see you on IG?
    thanks again, love fee xxx

  9. OH Carly wow! Just wow! Your new room looks amazing... I just love, EVERYTHING about it :) The wallpaper is to divine. Perfect! Worth every minute spent on the "I don't love" list I reckon ;) Hazel x

  10. So peaceful and beautiful! Great work. :)

    (love from sunny Portugal)

  11. Your bedroom looks FABULOUS!! I love the tree with birds and all the pictures and accessories are perfect. I too, love the planning and buying but then I get bored with the actual decorating - I start and then Mr B has to take over and finish it! XX

  12. It all looks wonderful ... a restful place to sleep but also with a bit of energy to wake up to to! The papercuts are fabulous, ditto the cushions. And of course shopping is one of the most important bits of any DIY project. Lovely job Carly, and the Mr of course :)

  13. Wow! Amazing. I love all of the papercutting, so clever. Sigh wish I had time to do all of this. It's like a magical forest in your bedroom. Well done to you both!

    Helen xx

  14. Wow, there is just so much to love here! Your paper cuts are fantastic, and I really love the little creatures in the frames. I too would like to know where the Matushka dolls came from if you don't mind sharing, I have a Ukranian godson - how perfect a present they would make!
    Oh and the bunny light, I've ogled them trying to work out how an adult justifies a bunny night light - a forest themed room, of course!


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